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Greece is a country full of unexplored corners and thrilling mysteries. It is a canvas on which we trace pictures that reveal the true essence of what it feels like to live in a place that is ever changing without losing its connection to an invigorating past. It is defined by a network of narratives that accompany us as we wander the alleys, hills, islands, towns and monuments for that particular detail that brings them to life. It offers a communal experience, whereby individuals with a unique perspective reveal the unexpected. A country that inspires a series of recreational and educational activities that encourage spectators to participate in a collaborative survey of seminal past experiences. Greece is a journey through history and mythology in the company of storytellers, queens, philosophers, and tragedians.

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Mentor in Greece, in collaboration with This is Athens - the official City of Athens guide, Aegean Airlines, and Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, offers Priceless experiences exclusively for Mastercard cardholders to promote the city of Athens. Mentor in Greece has established a comprehensive network of experiential and innovative routes that allow you to immerse yourself in Greek history and culture. Follow our team of academics and artists off the beaten path and discover the true magic of Greece.

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Under the Stars of Athens

An afternoon stroll through the hills of Athens, where travelers will explore the beliefs and ideas of ancient Athenians about their origins. From the epic battles of Poseidon and Athena for the patronage of Athens.

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The Storybook of Athens

In Athens every corner is a surprise! In this two-hour walking tour, you will explore an off the-beat- en-track historic trail in the heart of the city. An island-looking neighborhood on the foothills of the Acropolis, hidden gems of the city’s.

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Plato’s Symposium

An exploration of the mysteries of “Eros” through a modern “symposium”. This unique experience begins with a tour of the Lyceum of Aristotle, discovered in 1996.

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Hans Christian Andersen in Athens

The famous author Hans Christian Andersen visited Athens in the spring of 1841, as part of his tour of Germany, Italy, and Turkey.

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The Capital of King Otto

In 1834 King Otto decided to move the capital of his newly acquired kingdom from Nafplio to Athens. His selection was based on emotion instead of reason.

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The Eleusinian Mysteries

A day-long journey that introduces participants to the history behind the Eleusinian Mysteries. Starting from Dipylon, the gate of ancient Athens at Kerameikos, we travel to Eleusis, one of the largest religious centres of the ancient world.

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The Birth of Theater

Theater was an important civic and religious activity in ancient Athens. Men, women, children, slaves, foreigners and resident aliens paid the admission and spent whole days watching the plays.

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The Secrets of the National Garden

The National Garden, pride and joy of Queen Amalia, is the preeminent green space in downtown Athens. It was designed as the palace garden and occupied an empty field on the outskirts of the city.

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The Parthenon Enigma

During a visit to the Acropolis, participants will have the opportunity to learn its story from the time of the Mycenaean kings to the glorious years of Pericles.

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